Tim Segars: Born in 1965,  and raised in Hartselle, Alabama. With the need to stay busy Tim learned to  entertain himself at the young age of 14  with speed, muscle cars and competition.Segars started street  racing at the age of 14 under conditions that are not recommended for this day and time. Street racing was common in the 80's.

 Graduating from street racing to a confined area called" drag strips" around 1987 in a 67 camaro and later built a  trans am. The Trans am was painted and named the "Bat out of Hell" 

Tim had the trans am until 2009.

In the winter of 2009 he  traveled to Ohio and bought a chassis, decided on the fiberglass body of a 1962 Impala to complete the car. Tim and his wife chose a "batman" theme wrap and detailing for the car  .........which later earned Tim the nickname "Batman" and the car " The Batmobile".

2010 was the first year on the  tracks for the "Batmobile" with the Brad anderson Blown Hemi. The Impala has 3000 Horsepower and gave Tim the fastest pass of his career.....4.12 at 186 MPH.

The Impala was featured in RPM Magazine at the end of the 2010 season.

Tim and the Crew traveled to many states and gained so many loyal and wonderful fans. As we enter into the  2011 Racing season we are very excited about the changes we have made.

TIm Segars: Driver and Owner Of the 1962 Impala known as the "Batmobile" , Business Owner: " Tim Segars Tree and Stump Removal" and  "Hunter"

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